Short Sales in 2012

It’s time to take another look at short sales!

As recently as a few months ago, if you would have told me, a real estate agent who specialized in Las Vegas short sales, that I’d be raving about a lender’s stellar service and rapid approval times—not to mention significant cash back incentives for financially strapped homeowners in Nevada for pursuing a short sale—you may have gotten a silent look.

That’s all changed. And it’s changed faster and to a greater extent than most short sale specialists in Las Vegas ever could have imagined.

With a glut of bank-owned properties dragging down the recovery of the real estate market, as well as the national economy, major lenders are more eager than ever before to avoid foreclosure. So they’ve sharpened their focus on short sales. Big time.

The biggest lenders in the country have staffed up to ensure rapid processing of short sale applications. They’ve ponied up with cash incentives at closing for homeowners who pursue a short sale. And they’re proactively reaching out to CDPE agents in Las Vegas and putting them in touch with delinquent borrowers.

This is big news and the media has not really caught onto it yet. What’s important for you to know is that whatever you’ve read or heard in the past about long lag times and frustrations with short sales is probably no longer the case.

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