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The land was here before we were.

This good American land started as the great empty West with fruited plains, rolling hills, verdant valleys, and deep canyons with dramatic rock formations millions of years old. The land was waiting to be worked by those who came to claim it. The gold rush drew people west looking for fortunes, but most came to settle the land. Miners opened the way to the West and when the hopes of gold fortunes faded, the land was still there. Mining camps grew into towns with hotels, stores, and newspapers. Ranches were born and west came alive. Families built cabins. They fenced. They farmed. They ranched. They created a legacy for the generations that would follow.

Stake your claim to a plot of this vanishing treasure. It is a prized possession to preserve and pass on to the generations ahead.

Keller Williams Realty, Marketplace One sells and buys virtually all types of land found in Nevada. Whether it’s a home site situated in the secluded Mt. Charleston wilderness setting, or a development site that adds your vision to the growth of our nation, we do it all! All carefully selected in our spectacular city of Las Vegas.

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