Selling a house in Las Vegas with Kitec plumbing

Q: Can I sell my Las Vegas house if it has Kitec® plumbing?


Yes. Selling a house in Las Vegas with Kitec® plumbing can be a fairly easy process as long as there is full disclosure.

Kitec® plumbing fixtures have been legally described, via a national class action lawsuit, as defective. Therefore, the buyer for a house with Kitec® plumbing will probably need to be an investor (and at that, one who pays with cash) since most all conventional, FHA, and VA loan underwriters will require the house be entirely re-plumbed before close of escrow.

You’ll want to start by getting an estimate of the re-plumb. Plumbing Express (702-281-1641) is a company you could call for an estimate. Ask for Sean Carter. You may also want to check the Total Class Solutions website and see if there is a preferred vendor’s list. A Kitec® re-plumb will cost, on average, between $4000-$8000. If re-plumbing your house before you put it on the market is not an option, simply adjust the list price of your house to compensate for the cost of re-plumb and make sure your real estate agent targets the marketing to the investor community.

Whether or not you have the plumbing refitted, make certain that you fully disclose the existing plumbing (or overhaul thereof) on the “Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form” via a separate page.

Kitec® plumbing doesn’t always have the manufacturer’s name or logo on it.
Red and blue pipes are almost always indicative of the existence of Kitec plumbing in Las Vegas

Red and blue pipes are almost always indicative of the existence of Kitec® plumbing.sell las vegas home with kitec plumbing_

Check your electrical panel for this sticker. If it’s there, you may have Kitec® plumbing.
kitec sticker found in electrical panel