Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Client Reviews for Tania Michaels

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Las Vegas real estate agent client reviews for Tania Michaels:

Ashley, she’s a fighter! We also enjoyed looking at houses with Rich.

-GF, North Las Vegas 89081

Helpful, great and lots of fun!


Tania was great to work with. She demonstrated patience, integrity, and professionalism throughout my home searching and, ultimately buying process. It’s very hard to find realtors who truly put their client first. I know if I ever have an future home buying needs, Tania and her team will be there to provide assurance and calm during a very stressful time. Thank you Tania and Keller Williams for all the help!!


Tania helped me sell an investment property. She came to our first meeting enthusiastic and well prepared, and every interaction I had with her after that was the same. She proposed an efficient sale process, arranged for the staging and photographs, gave me good and thoughtfully critical advice on finishing the house. The sale went very well.


Tania’s team works hard and they are all so nice. They answer the phone and all my questions in a timely manner and they even helped me find a place to go. I have already referred them my niece to sell her house too.

-RH, Spring Mountain Ranch 89143

The best things we liked about working with Tania and her team, they were very pleasant and efficient. They were always available when we needed them and delivered on their promises. If you are looking to buy or sell, we recommend using the Michaels Team!

BL & CL, Las Vegas NV 89143

The Tania Michaels Team is caring, professional and knowledgeable. Tania and team provided exceptional service! We highly recommend their services!

CT & AL, North Las Vegas, NV

The whole process was incredibly wonderful and frictionless. The Michaels Team were incredibly responsive, organized and expressed a genuine interest in my well-being and the well -being of my business. Karen was incredibly diligent in following up with open tasks and always being accessible. I highly recommend using the Team!

CN, Las Vegas, NV 89128

The Michaels Team was excellent! Their professionalism was top of the line. Karen is brilliant and knew everything (thank goodness). They exceeded my expectations and highly recommend them!

CA, Las Vegas, NV 89183

The Michaels Team exceeded our expectations! The communication was always consistent. Tana and Karen were professional during the whole process! We highly recommend working with the Michaels Team.

RS & NS, Las Vegas, NV 89122

What I liked most about working with the Michaels team, is their wonderful attitude, service and professionalism. Tania was very accommodating to us for everything! GREAT customer service!

TD & MD, Las Vegas NV 89134

I sure am glad I changed real estate agents. You guys were so communicative, every week consistently telling me what was going on, what the feedback was, this that and the other. We felt very confident with you.

AG & LG, Las Vegas NV 89117

The best thing I liked best about working with the Tania Michaels Team, was being kept up to date with all the steps of the process! Tania and Karen were awesome! I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.

RB & PB, Las Vegas, NV 89129

The Tania Michaels Team is very friendly and knowledgeable. Karen is very prompt in her communication and delivery which is very much appreciated from buyers & sellers. We recommend their services!

MH & TH, Henderson, NV 89011

If we were in charge of the team, we wouldn’t change a thing! Karen was awesome. The Team was helpful, pleasant and had a sense of humor. We recommend using the Tania Michaels Team!

NB & WB, Las Vegas NV 89144

The entire Michaels Team was excellent! They were always accessible and had great communication. We recommend using the Team if you are selling your home!

DE & KE, N Las Vegas NV 89084

Tania and Karen are extremely easy to talk with, always willing to help and are just very decent people who we really enjoyed working with. Karen is fantastic! Professionally and personally – She’s a hard worker and shows she cares. We highly recommend them and will be using the Michaels Team again soon!

RC & GC, Las Vegas, NV 89129

The best thing I liked about working with the Michaels team, was they were always available and prompt on answering any questions. Tania is an excellent Realtor and very knowledgeable. Karen is an excellent assistant. We highly recommend using the Michaels Team!

MS & PS,N Las Vegas NV 89031

Karen and Tania were GREAT! If I was in charge of their Team, I wouldn’t change a thing. They exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them!

JP & DP, Las Vegas NV 89131

Tania is professional and Karen goes the extra mile, is very friendly and is prompt in her return communication. We will be using them again in the near future.

MH & TH, Henderson NV 89011

The entire team was very helpful and always available to answer calls. Tania is very knowledgeable/professional and Karen is always available. We recommend the Tania Michaels Team!

DL & DL, N Las Vegas NV 89081

If I were in charge, I wouldn’t change a thing! Karen dealt with my concerns in a timely manner. The entire Team was responsive, attentive, resourceful and helpful.

EM, Las Vegas NV 89117

The Tania Michaels Team was friendly and willing to help. They were accessible when I needed them and would use them again if/when I need an agent.

KB, Las Vegas NV 89129

I have worked with the Team previously. They are accessible when I need them and will continue to use their services. I highly recommend them.

PK, Henderson NV 89074

They exceeded my expectations! They delivered on their promises and listened to my needs and concerns along the way.

MC, Las Vegas NV 89129

Tania is very friendly, consistent and professional. I enthusiastically recommend using her services!

TD & MD, Las Vegas NV 89130

If you are in need of an agent, I recommend the Tania Michaels Team. They were always accessible and delivered on their promises.

AR & JR, Las Vegas NV 89135

We wouldn’t change a thing! The whole team was outstanding! They were always accessible, delivered on their promises and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them and will use them again in the near future!

EC & AC, Las Vegas NV 89108

We had weekly communication from the team and they were accessible when needed. We highly recommend them!

TL & DL, Las Vegas, NV 89149

I’ve worked with Team Michaels previously. They are assessable when you need them and delivered on their promises. I will continue to use them an recommend their services.

PK, Henderson, NV 89074

We loved her team’s performance, very helpful, very knowledgeable and honest. They exceeded our expectations and will use them again in the future.

KC & AC, Las Vegas, NV 89149

They were very professional and easy to talk to. All questions were answered in easy to understand language. We recommended using the Tania Michaels Team!

RS & DS, Las Vegas, NV 89129

I wouldn’t change a thing! The Team listened and were around anytime I needed them. I highly recommend them.

DD, Las Vegas, NV 89129

The entire team, Lisa, Karen and Tania were great and very efficient! They delivered on their promises and I highly recommend them!

CH, Las Vegas NV 89129

Tania and Karen were very friendly, answered our questions and were easy to contact. We recommend them and will use them again in the future.

MF & BF, Las Vegas NV 89149

Tania is available when needed and she returns calls promptly. I highly recommend her!

EM & NM, Las Vegas NV 89084

The entire team, Lisa, Karen and Tania were great and very efficient!

CH, Las Vegas NV 89128

Tania’s team was very knowledgeable and personable – got things done! Both Tania and Karen kept us informed the entire transaction. I would highly recommend them!

JA & BA, Las Vegas NV 89129

“I would recommend Tania’s team! They were available when I need them and very quick to respond”

EM, Las Vegas, NV 89139

“Tania’s team was very responsive and always had time to answer any questions or concerns”

DS & VS, Las Vegas, NV 89120

“Great job Tania! So professional and reachable every time”

NS & AS, Pahrump NV

“Tania’s team was kind and compassionate”

DT, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“I’m a first time seller who was living 500 miles away. She promised to sell my house and she did”!

TA, Las Vegas, NV 89149

“Thanks to you and your awesome team for working with us despite us having a renter! It looks like everyone’s going to win on this one – particularly after all of your and Tania’s diligence going back and forth, navigating the “waters” of selling a tenant-occupied home!”

“With significant gratitude to everyone for helping us, holding our hands, and acting as the go-between!”

ML & AL, Holly Springs NC

“We wouldn’t change a thing and will definitely refer her to my friends and family.”

JD & CD, Las Vegas NV 89129

“She was very friendly and professional.”

ZN & DN, Las Vegas NV 89129

Tania, I want to start by thanking you for the work you did for us. It was an incredibly emotional experience for me and your no-nonsense approach to getting our house sold was beyond helpful. Thanks again for all your hard work, and if any of my Vegas peeps are looking to make a change your name will be dropped for sure!

A, Las Vegas NV 89143

“In past when I closed a real estate transaction, I wondered what we paid our agent to do. I’m not wondering that about you. You’ve been a great help to us and have earned your commission. Other real estate agents told us we couldn’t get the price we wanted, but you made it happen

-J & M B, Las Vegas NV 89143

“What a great team to work with. Tania and her team were very accessible to me and made the sale of my home easy for me. I would not change anything about her team.”. .

-ZO & JY, Las Vegas NV 89148

“Very professional, this team runs smoothly! LM the closing coordinator was on top on the entire transaction. I couldn’t be happier!”. .

-GP,Las Vegas NV 89144

“Fantastic team and very communicative. I would recommend Tania and her team to my friends and family.”. .

-, Las Vegas NV 89129

“Came to our house and was very well prepared, with all local facts and figures. Offered more than expected, and sold our home in 2 days! Great team!”. .

-PR, Gilbert AZ 85233

“I would not change one thing about Tania and her great team! They all provided good customer service, were knowledgeable, polite and efficent. The best thing about working with Tania and her team is their integrity!”. .

-AS, Henderson NV 89015

“Tania and her team did a fabulous job, and I would give them a 10++ she came in and grabbed the bull by the horns! I was so HAPPY with her service, and I will be calling her again in the future.”. .

-VC, Henderson NV 89074

“I appreciate what you bring to this process. And your team is pleasant and responsible to deal with also. Another bonus.”. .

-AS, North Las Vegas NV 89032

Neighbor, she really understood the market. Enthusiastic and responsive to our needs. Worked very hard doing open houses with 22 people coming through in 2 days. .

– JP & VP Kerens, TX 75144

You are the smartest REALTOR we have ever met. We feel fortunate to know you. Thank you for all your cards and letters and always being there for us.

– TC Las Vegas, NV 89131

We worked with Tania previously and found she was very dedicated to her clients. She is always up to date with what’s going on with the market.

– SD & JD Las Vegas, NV 89143

“I will always recommend you for anyone’s real estate needs, I don’t believe I would be owning this house if it weren’t for you and Ronda. Real Estate is a hard business, if not one of the hardest and unfortunately not all Realtor can do such an expert job like you can!!! On my home purchase you had to handle not only me but also the seller. Soooo, because of who you are and as good as you are I will always recommend you and your company, who ever your company may be, because ultimately it would be you 1st that I’m recommending!!! Thanks Tania “Bob”!!!”

– BB, Aliante, North Las Vegas NV 89048

“Tania you did an amazing job! Everything went so smoothly. OMG you don’t know how much happy I am right now.”

-RH, Lone Mountain Las Vegas NV, 89129

“She’s the best in the business and very professional.”

-JH, Las Vegas, NV 89138

“Tania was very easy to work with and in tune with our needs.”

-SF & PJF, Las Vegas, NV 89108

“I hired Tania because she called me back in 5 minutes. She can improve in no areas.”

-DS, Las Vegas, NV 89121

“Thank you Tania and all. You guys are the best REALTOR team that I have worked with.”

-YT, Summerlin Las Vegas

“Very professional.”

-RK, Las Vegas, NV 89143

“Tania is very professional. She cared about us as her customer and our needs. Tania does her job seriously, with love and passion. We really appreciate her excellent service and her time towards us.”

-Las Vegas, NV

“Tania was referred to me by a mutual handyman. After meeting her I hired her because she is knowledgeable and professional. She is a great negotiator and understanding.”

-MN, Colorado

“I hope Tania made some bucks off our sale because she worked her butt off! She is the best and is a very hard worker. We really appreciate everything she did for us.”

-CWD, Harrisburg, PA

“We received excellent service from Tania in all areas of our business with her.”

-LD, Las Vegas, NV 89134

“Tania was great! Kept me informed on everything. Excellent service!”

-MR, Las Vegas, NV 89156

“We’ve used Tania in the past and have found her to be patient and excellent in all areas of service.”

-CSF, Las Vegas, NV 89149

“Tania was an excellent referral – friendly and knowledgeable!”

-CC, Chicago, IL 60631

“Tania was very nice to work with.”

-MS, Enterprise, NV 89148

“Tania was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

-HH, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“Tania impressed us with her knowledge and sincerity. She was a pleasure to work with.”

-BO, Lone Mountain, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“Tania’s online marketing efforts are really strong. The previous properties sold impressed us! Given our tight timeline, she did an excellent job in the timeline she had. She can improve in no areas! “

-JM, Lone Mountain, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“This was the smoothest, BEST sale we’ve had… and we’ve been doing this for 54 years!”

-CW, Sun City, Las Vegas, NV 89134

“I hired Tania because of her availability, enthusiasm, and very keen to make sure I was happy with the results.”

-MF, Las Vegas, NV 89032

“Tania, you are a wonderful realtor. Should anyone contact me looking for a realtor in LV I would certainly send them your direction.”

-AS, Las Vegas, NV 89120

“We hired Tania because she was well-informed and is creative at marketing.”

-GH, Las Vegas, NV 89110

“Tania was located near our home and I liked all the positive reviews I found online. She has been absolutely wonderful to work with!”

-TL, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“She was recommended to us by our attorney. Tania is extremely knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process.”

-BB, North Las Vegas, NV 89032

“We hired Tania because of her enthusiasm and being positive on selling the house. She is easy to work with and good at solving problems.”

-PW, Sunrise Manor, Las Vegas, NV 89110

“We loved working with Tania because she is upfront and honest, and made the process so easy!”

-AMG, Lone Mountain, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“We knew we had made the right decision to hire Tania when the Seller of the property we were trying to buy trusted her. She put everyone at ease when she talked to them. She is the best. We would do it all over again.

-RB, Aliante, North Las Vegas, NV 89084

“Thank you for your mighty effort [in selling our home].”

-GH, Sunrise Manor, Las Vegas NV 89110

“Tania is knowledgeable friendly, and helpful.”

-AW, North Las Vegas, NV 89031

“We got Tania through a business directory. She responded immediately to the call and then she was very good and knowledgeable.”

-CT, Summerlin Las Vegas, 89135

“We hired Tania because of her professionalism. She always took my calls and answered my questions.”

-WL, Las Vegas, NV 89156

“You are the first real estate agent I’ve ever met who earns their commission.”

-DW, Las Vegas, NV 89129

“I am from New York and buy properties there often. I deal with a lot of real estate agents and Tania is not like most of them. I know when a salesperson is just trying to get me to buy something and Tania is not like that. She is very responsible and very honest. She worked for my best interests. We will be using her to acquire other properties for us. I feel lucky that she is my agent.”

-QW, New York City, NY

“Hey, what can I say? She sold my house.”

-TB, Sunrise Manor, Las Vegas, NV

“She did an excellent job on my properties. She looks out for you and she knows her job.”

-BHJ, Las Vegas, NV

“Tania was referred to me by my sister. She is an excellent REALTOR.”

-BJ, Las Vegas, NV

“Tania is very efficient and knows what she is doing. She did an outstanding excellent job. I have already told about her to my friends and will continue to tell. I can be a reference if you need any.”

-AC, San Gabriel, CA

“Tania is very honest and extremely patient. A joy to work with. Such a nice young lady.”

-MF, North Las Vegas, NV

“You are a thinker and you never give up. You rock!!”

-PLG, Cocoa Beach, FL

Tania, You are AWESOME!!

-IR, Las Vegas, NV 89128

las vegas real estate agent reviews for Tania Michaels 89108

“Tania Michaels is not only the finest realtor I have had the pleasure to work with, she is also the most professional business person I have had the pleasure to work with in over 30 years. I moved to Las Vegas in 1976. I have worked for myself since 1986. She actually cares about the work she is performing. She stayed on top of every detail and when I was feeling overwhelmed she put the item I was working on at the time into a step I could handle and explained everything thoroughly. The home I sold was a bank sale and I was not sure sure in the beginning the service I would receive, however she treated me like I was selling a multimillion dollar property. I will never forget that. I have already recommended her to family and friends and she deserves the greatest of success as she truly cares about people and getting the job done in a truly professional and focused manner. I only wish I could find more Tania out there working in other fields besides real estate as my life as a business man would then be truly blessed. I found Tania on the web and I can not believe my lucky stars to have found someone who actually works her duff off on every single detail of the deal and really looked out for my interest. If you are ever fortunate enough to work with this highest of quality realtor you will be very glad you did. I had a small residential home, but she brought the big time commercial experience to the table when she represented me. Thanks Tania. I will use you gain as my realtor if and when I get a chance. Thanks! Sincerely with Humble Thanks”

-JO, Las Vegas, NV 89117

I hired Tania because I had to have the best.

-WNJR, North Las Vegas, NV

Tania doesn’t stop at the norm; she goes to the nth degree. People just don’t do that anymore. She is special. This is something you really need to hear about yourself, Tania.

-JLN, North Las Vegas, NV

It was a great experience selling my home. Everything went so fast and Tania seemed extremely knowledgeable with regard to the sale. Photography was superb.

-ER, Las Vegas, NV

Tania Michaels is of the most professional, diligent, & focused agents, in any industry, not just Real Estate, that I have had the good fortune of working with in the past 32 years of my adult life.

-JO, Wickenburg, Arizona

Tania had a great marketing plan! She’s very easy to deal with and understand. Thorough…

-JS, Lone Mountain, Las Vegas, Nevada

We hired Tania after we let go of a nightmare relationship with another Las Vegas real estate agent. The previous agent did not follow-up or explain things very well. Tania was proactive and in touch. It was very good. We definitely want to get Tania’s services again when we buy our next house.

-LM, North Las Vegas, Nevada

Tania came highly recommended. She was very professional in handling the process to complete the sale of my property. I received all the documents in a timely manner. Everything went very smoothly. Don’t change nothin’!

-JA, Las Vegas, Nevada

You were great and an example of how people should be treated.

-KK, Las Vegas, Nevada

I chose Tania to sell my home based on her successful background and tone of voice on the phone. I researched her online and after talking with her for 15 minutes on the phone, I knew I made the correct decision. The method she used to advertise my home was superior to other firms and we had many qualified offers on the first day. My home sold for more than I asked and the process was very smooth. The steps of the sale were handled quickly, with each transmission of documents done almost immediately. I now look forward to Tania finding me another home to live in and would recommend her to others without reservation.

-RJC, Las Vegas, Nevada

I had the great pleasure working with Tania Michaels, on a recent short sale. She did an excellent job, getting me thru the short sale process. From start to close, she was always available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend her and use her in the future. Thank you, Tania.

-DAK, Encino, California

Tania is literally one of the best short sale closers in the state of Nevada.

Lee Honish
22 year Career Asset Manager
Former Head Loss Mitigator, IndyMac Bank HELOC Division
Co-Founder, The Short Sale Genius

We found Tania after searching the internet for potential short sale REALTORs in Las Vegas. After interviewing a few agents we decided Tania was going to be the one. We got a warm fuzzy from her. She is proactive, professional and has positive attitude. We learned you have to be patient when you short sale your home and you have to have a good relationship with your agent because you’re going to have to rely on them a lot. Tania was quick to respond and had good follow-up. Heavens, yes, use me as a referral!

-Mike V, Las Vegas Nevada

The short sale experience. What an adventure, after having a buyer within the first few days of the house going on the market, only to have them back out a few months down the road. Putting it back on the market only to have a second buyer back out. It’s true, the third time is a charm. The whole process was a lot simpler than I expected but I believe this was because of Tania. We had a monster of a bank but she shielded us from all the flak they were throwing out. She was persistent in the negotiations and kept the pressure on when things would stall. She showcased the house incredibly and I don’t believe it was on the market for more than 3 or 4 days during each of the three buyers. Tania kept us informed through the whole process and we had absolutely no worries that it was being handled diligently. We can’t say thank you enough to Tania for doing such a great job and giving us a great Christmas present!!!

-PL, Las Vegas Nevada

I have been an investor in real estate for over 15 years and have met few people with Tania’s talent, execution, and self-motivation. She is a superstar.”

-DDB, Las Vegas, NV

You are so wonderful, Tania!

-JRR, Las Vegas, NV

Her extensive knowledge on the entire short sale process was what I liked best about Tania. She was on top of every part of the transaction to be sure I got the best outcome. She was amazing.”

-CK, Wisconsin

I thought the short sale process would be faster but I just knew things eventually would work out because I really, really trust you, Tania. The more I got to know you, the more I trusted you. My house could’ve gone into foreclosure but you didn’t let it. I knew you could do this job. You can use me as a reference if you want.

-ZC, Las Vegas

It was YOU that made this happen, Tania. If it was up to the bank, we would still be doing paperwork. I don’t know how anyone can do this job of short sales without a lot of knowledge and experience with these banks both of which it was obvious you have. Sometimes we borderline wanted to give up but you kept us going. We appreciate everything you did for us.

-TC, Las Vegas, NV

Tania did an amazing job on my short sale.  Her expertise and professionalism made the process go smoothly, quickly, and stress free.  I have recommended her to everyone I know considering a short sale.

-Marie, Las Vegas

I really appreciate your talent, Tania. You know your business.

-DG, Las Vegas

Tania, I wanted to thank you for helping me think through my finances. After faxing in my personal information, a hardship letter and a budget spreadsheet to several different bank processors over two years and with numerous excuses as to why I had to re-send everything, finally they send me the permanent modification papers. When I sat down to read it, I thought about what you said and I can’t believe what I was fighting for and was about to sign! A loan for 3 times what the house was worth? There was no way I could afford that. I feel great without that burden. Thanks again. I will be contacting you in the future to help me buy a house I can afford.

-Eric, Henderson

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for all you’ve done for us in these last 4 months. When the decision was made to short sale our home, we didn’t know where to begin or who to trust. I asked God to provide us with an experienced, trustworthy Christian REALTOR if this was the decision we needed to make – His answer was undeniably you!

From our first meeting, you were honest, direct, and most importantly, compassionate and sensitive to the difficulty of our situation. As we processed not only the truth of what we were facing, but the feelings that came with accepting that truth, you listened with genuine care and concern, helping us work through every step of the process.

When you told us that we could close escrow by year’s end, I honestly don’t think we believed it would happen. But thanks to our Sovereign Lord and your determination, professionalism, and relentless efforts, we not only closed before year’s end, but 2 days earlier than our scheduled closing date. What a wonderful start to a new year!

Deciding to short sale our home was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve had to make. I believe we all anticipated a feeling of tremendous loss and sadness when all was said and done. But, Tania, your genuine concern for our well-being and endless efforts to make this experience as “easy” as possible has helped all of us enter this new phase of our lives with a renewed sense of freedom and unexpected joy…we are so blessed to have worked with you!

‘I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.’ (Eph 1:16) May God bless you and continue to give you wisdom and understanding, equipping you to care for His people in need so that they may know the freedom that comes ONLY from His grace and mercy poured out on them through His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With much love and appreciation,

TMF, North Las Vegas Nevada

I was referred to Tania by my daugher-in-law. My wife and I don’t speak English so we were looking for someone that was a friend of a friend that we could trust. Our first meeting for the short sale was very hard. My wife cried when she signed the papers out of relief that we were going to be able to move on. When Tania explained to me her plan for marketing and short selling our house, I honestly did not think it was going to work but I was intrigued. We received an offer on our house before the sign went up! Tania is a grand lady. I recommend her to all my friends. Whether they speak English or not.

-Eric, Las Vegas

When I first spoke with Tania, I was very disillusioned with other short sale agents because I spoke with three people and each one was going to charge me upfront to be able to help me with the short sale; I didn’t want to hear it anymore. But Tania, with her charisma, peace, experience, and the system she has with the company she works with, persuaded me to do the short sale. And with Tania’s experience, with her interest to do things the right way, step by step, accomplished the successful result of my short sale.

-Silvano, North Las Vegas

My husband used to get anxiety every month trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage. It was very stressful on our marriage. Completing this short sale has taken the pressure off him. We thank you for everything, Tania. We could always tell you were looking out for us just by the way you prepared the paperwork for us. You have a beautiful and generous heart and you are excellent. We look forward to buying another house again from you soon.

-BRS, Las Vegas

Tania Michaels is not your average real estate agent. I tried for one year to close my short sale with an attorney. My attorney and bank’s attorney just kept arguing and I just wanted to get my short sale done. When I ran out of money to keep paying the attorney, I contacted Tania. She reviewed my file and explained to me why my short sale hadn’t closed and it made sense to me, so I hired her. She negotiated great terms for me and closed the deal. I am out from under that staggering debt. In my case, I guess I didn’t need an attorney. I needed a high-class real estate negotiator.

-BM, Pahrump

When I found out I did not qualify for bankruptcy, I became depressed and resigned myself to pay the deficiency judgment I just knew the second mortgage would file against me. It felt like a prison with no way out. I wish would have known sooner how easy a short sale can be. I wasted a lot of time and tears listening to rumors instead of talking to a pro. Thank God you found me, Tania!

-JR, Las Vegas, NV

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