Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas Nv

“Las Vegas real estate agents are all the same.” — This is a myth. Are all athletes the same? Are all musicians the same? Obviously not!

There are really great real estate agents in Las Vegas. But can you tell the difference between one agent and another?

Here are three key questions to consider when choosing a real estate agent:


Below are various questions for you to consider asking when choosing a real estate agent in Las Vegas. The questions will help you get a sense of who they are and if you like the way they do business:

1.) Is brokering real estate their career? Are they a professional? An actual practitioner? It real estate their full time job? If not, look out. A part time agent presents serious risks. Experience is a key factor in real estate. How can a part time agent stay up to speed on local and federal laws and the ins and outs of real estate without actually practicing it that much? I see part time agents frequently exposing their clients to enormous liabilities because of their lack of experience and knowledge. It’s a problem.

2.) Do they love what they do? Many people who hold a real estate license do not like being a real estate agent. They get a license mainly for the pursuit of money and not to provide a good service. What kind of customer service does a person who is mainly focused on money provide? Not the very good kind because they are focused on the next deal which is bringing in more money. You’ll want someone who is patient, who explains things to you in a way you understand, who is visibly looking out for your best interest and who’s work shines even in the details. These are the signs of a real estate agent who enjoys what they do for a living.

1.) Have they brokered a lot of real estate? These people know the ins and outs of real estate and are your best bet. Make sure you interview someone who has closed a lot of transactions.

2.) Have they been in the industry a long time? A veteran has seen the ups and downs of the industry and know how to operate in almost any environment. You don’t want someone who was only in the business when the market was red hot and it was easy to sell a property. Ask them what was the toughest market they were ever in.

3.) What do their clients say about them? Are they known for great customer service? Do they give personalized service? Large real estate teams can be good and bad. They might give you great customer service or you could fall through the cracks. If you hire a team, make sure you understand the structure of the team and WHO exactly will be working with you. It always boils down to the individual who is working on your file. The other team members are assistants who are taking direction from your main point of contact. So whether you hire an team or an individual agent, make sure you like the person and what they stand for. It doesn’t logically follow that because more eyes are on a file, you’ll get better service. You need to know who is in charge of your account.

1.) Are they knowledgeable about what is happening in the marketplace? You’ll want to look for someone with energy, someone who has a very good grasp of what it takes to buy and sell real estate in the current environment, who is active in the business, who has certifications, and who networks with other agents. Ask them to send you their plan on selling their property.

2.) What designations do they hold and how do they stay up to speed on the market? This is a very telling sign of how involved and interested they are in providing a good service to you.

By taking your time in choosing a real estate agent, you are sure to find one you like, who can sell your house in the shortest period of time, for least amount of hassle, and for top dollar.
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